This picture shows how people put screens on there houses to keep the misquotes out. The tree also show the moss that can accumulate over a long period of time.

32° 19' 10.03" N 87° 5' 42.87" W

Clint Maffi-Bosco

  • Location: The two images are taken at the same location in Atlanta, Georgia, and they depict how the landscape may appear according to various types of weather.
  • Latitude: 33°45’19.18” N, Longitude: 84°34.92” W
  • Climography: From the two pictures, it is evident that Atlanta is known to have sunny days, but also the region can be surrounded by cloud cover. In fact, the area receives an abundant amount of rainfall that is evenly spread out through the year, about an average of 50.2 inches. With such a great amount of rainfall the area usually experiences humid, hot summers.
  • Description: The region of Atlanta, Georgia is classified by its temperate deciduous forest biome. The characteristics of this biome, such as precipitation and trees that leaves fall during the winter, are evident through the two photos. The actual city itself is dispersed throughout with the trees of this biome, and is also crowded with diverse sizes of buildings, as seen in the background of the images.
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This photo shows some how humans have built a bridge to travel across mountains and hills. it also shows the aboundance of trees found in this region. This is due to the fact that Atlanta is found in a deciduous forest biome. this picture was taken at 33° 57' N 83° 19' W

here is Atlanta's climograph

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Location: Kudzu on trees in Atlanta, Georgia, USA Piedmont Park, next to large drainage ditch near railroad track
Lat/long: 33° 39' N 84° 26' W
Climograph: Atlanta is very humid and wet. In fact the precipitation is 50.74" / year. it is also very sunny which enables kudzu to grow.
Description: Kudzu is native to Japan and China, however it grows well in the Southeastern United States. Kudzu is a vine that when left uncontrolled will eventually grow over almost any fixed object in its proximity including other vegetation. Kudzu, over a period of several years will kill trees by blocking the sunlight and for this and other reasons many would like to find ways to get rid of it. The flowers which bloom in late summer have a very pleasant fragrance and the shapes and forms created by kudzu vines growing over trees and bushes can be pleasing to the eye during the summer months.

File:Kudzu on trees in Atlanta, Georgia.jpg
File:Kudzu on trees in Atlanta, Georgia.jpg

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