The Big Smoky Valley is as diverse as it is beautiful. Land uses include farming, ranching, mining and retail operations. In the center of farm and ranch land sits the Hadley subdivision of Round Mountain, which includes a fire station, residential area, airstrip, community center, modern K-12 schools, library, gymnasium, public indoor swimming pool, gas station, grocery store and golf course. Round Mountain Gold Corporation (RMGC) built this completely planned community.
The golf course is Nevada's longest 9-hole facility complete with restaurant, lounge and pro shop. Abutting the golf course is land suitable for a hotel or motel. A short distance from Round Mountain is the hamlet of Carver's, which includes a small business district containing retail shops, dining, and repair shops. Large parcels of land suitable for warehousing or light manufacturing are available in the valley.

Latitude = 38.8193
Longitude = -116.9852
The Old Round Mountain Jail
The Old Round Mountain Jail

The old Round Mountain jail
People began moving into the Big Smoky Valley in the 1860s. Ranching was then the primary support system for the towns, but as gold and silver discoveries were made it turned out to be the mines that brought people into the valley. In 1905, gold was discovered in Round Mountain, which is located on the west slope of the Toquima Range. Early in 1906 when more substantial amounts of high-grade ore were discovered the town of Round Mountain was established. The population rose to 400 by mid-year. By 1907 there were daily stages running between Round Mountain and Tonopah. By 1909 the town was host to hotels, stores, banks, a school, a library, and a hospital. Over the years, mining has continued to be the main industry in Round Mountain.

Annual precipitation
6.69 inches
Annual snowfall
6.0 inches
Average temperatures

January average high
January average low
July average high
July average low
Average growing season
100-120 days

9-hole golf course
Park with picnic area
Community gym
Convention center
Tennis courts
Indoor swimming pool
Trapshooting range
Lighted softball fields
Youth center
Alta Toquima Wilderness Area
Table Mountain Wilderness Area
Arc Dome Wilderness Area
Historic Town of Belmont
Numerous camping grounds and recreational areas
Prime hunting area for deer, elk, mountain sheep and wild fowl
Many excellent mountain stream fishing locations

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