Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington is a fairly typical, Midwestern, college town. The University of Indiana is located there and is the town’s primary employer. Indiana had a very active limestone quarry industry until the 1970’s. Now, many of the quarries are filled with water and no longer used. Many of the local, stone buildings one sees while driving around town were quarried locally as was the façade for the Empire State Building.



Dennis Quaid (far left) and Daniel Stern (facing Dennis)

An Academy Award Winning movie called, Breaking Away, was filmed in Bloomington in the summer of 1978. The filmmakers made extensive use of the local landscape including several trips to the abandoned limestone quarries in the area.The film explores the dislocation and angst caused by the loss of jobs associated with the decline of the quarries.
Latitude = 39.1643, Longitude = -86.5269 Lat = 39 degrees, 9.9 minutes North
Long = 86 degrees, 31.6 minutes West


I was born 100 miles west of Bloomington. The climate in this area is much more mild than people in the West seem to perceive. The winters are a little colder and the summers a little more humid, but overall it's very pleasant. The average rainfall for the year is a bit over 40 inches. This means that you never have to water your lawn, ever.

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