this is a picture from a suburb of boston-saugus. From the picture you can see the impact of the freeway on the environment...posted by kdj

  • Location: The picture is taken in Boston, Massachusetts, and shows the green trees and brick buildings that are a characteristic of many New England towns.
  • Latitude: 42°21’18.88” N, Longitude: 71°04’07.10” W
  • Climograph: Boston is located near the Atlantic Ocean which causes the area to be very humid. In addition, the region receives a sizable amount of precipitation, about 42.53 inches of rain and 42.6 inches of snow, which is ideal for the growth of lush green trees that can be seen in the photo.
  • Description: The area of Boston, Massachusetts is located in a temperate forest biome, which is identified most by its trees with leaves that fall during the winter. Within the city of Boston many of these trees can be seen, but within the city the land is dominated by an inner working of roads and buildings. The combination of beautiful trees and historical buildings makes this region a lovely area to ride a bike during the nice spring, summer, and fall days.

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Boston Massachusetts is one of the nation's oldest cities. Boston is right on the Atlantic Coast which allows for a maritime climate, the highest part of Boston is only 300 feet. It has all 4 seasons the summers are mild and the winters are harsh! Here you can see a picture of downtown and how it is a much older city. It is fairly wet city averaging 43.81" of

Here is a picture of Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox you can see the John Hancock sign which shows the history of the city dates back to the American Revolution.

Here is the climograph for Boston.
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Boston is considered to be the "Athens of America", because there is more than 100 college and Universities in the greater Boston area. With such schools as: Boston University, Northeastern University, Wheelock College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Simmons College, Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Suffolk University, New England School of Law, Emerson College, Boston College, Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston Conservatory, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Berklee College of Music, the University of Massachusetts Boston, Bunker Hill Community College, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

User Friendly map of Boston. University-School Areas are the Upper Left hand corner.

Boston College Students

Map of the Subway system in Boston - Most students use this to easily get around.

remnants behind a Boston university.

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