Another of the dozens of US river cities, Cincinnati is situated on the banks of the Ohio River. Several bluffs and ridges dominate the city and overlook the river. 2.1 million people live in the metro area making Cincinnati a large city but by no means too large. It’s biome classification is deciduous forests and is located within the Upland South region right at the edge of the Midwest.



39°8′10″N 84°30′11″W

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Cincinnati is also known for it's diverse and unique foods. Cincinnati is home of the 'Cincinnati Chili', various Bavarian foods (due to the heavy German background of the region), and high class gourmet restaurants. During the summer, Taste of Cincinnati is held downtown, sampling the local fare. Also recently, Forbes magazine voted the city tenth in "America's Hard-Drinking Cities".

Bavarian Sausages

Bavarian Sausages
CinCinnati Chili

Cinncinati Chili
Taste of Cincinnati
Taste of Cincinnati

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