I know this isn't Denver but this is a great representation of the diversity seen in Colorado...this is morrison Co, near Red Rock ampitheater...posted kelleyj

Denver is the capital of Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It is the most populous city in Colorado and is know for
its outdoor recreation like hiking, skiing and much more. Its also known for heavy snowfall and for being very cold but moderate
during the summer months.
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Denver is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and the Gateway to the Rockies
-Denver is the Capitol of Colorado
-Largest city in Colorado - ~2 million
-Site of the 2008 Democratic Convention

For more information, visit the city's site!


While the Rockies provide a barrier from extreme weather, they also create
something of a rainshadow. This region is classified as semi-arid due to it's early Spring precipitation and dry winters. Another consequence
of this rainshadow is the above average number of sunny days in this Front Range region.

Denver, CO
Climate: The average annual temperature is 64.18ºF and average monthly precipitation is 1.28 inches. It has a semi-arid climate and its weather can be influenced by the Rocky Mountains as well as the Gulf of Mexico.
Latitude and Longitude: 39° 44' 20"N, 104° 59' 4"W
Description: As a result of the City Beautiful Movement Denver has over 200 parks. It won the Silver Medal Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence in 2001 for its Greenway Project in due to focusing on cleaning up the urban part of the South Platte River.
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