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Idaho's climate is diverse which allows for good crop growth. The hot summers help plants grow and the cold winters help the soils replenish themselves. Southern Idaho on average receives 12" of rain per year. Idaho has more than 24,500 farms, with over 144 commodities produced. The top crops are potato's and wheat. Center-pivot irrigation systems are used to irrigate the crops. It is a method of irrigation in which the equipment rotates around a pivot, as seen in the picture below.

Center-pivot irrigation in Idaho
Location: Cassia County, Idaho Lat: 42° 22' 41" N Long: 114° 01'11" W
Posted by: Kerry McLeran


The warmest months is Cassia County are June, July, and August, where temperatures fluctuate between 78.3° and 86.8°. The coldest months are December, January, and February, where temperatures fluctuate between 33.8° and 39°. Average precipitation is between .66" and 1.51" per month, with the wettest month being March.

Posted by: Kerry McLeran