Juneau, Alaska

Kerry McLeran

One of the many beautiful sights to see in Juneau, AK is the Mendenhall Glacier, formed during the Little Ice Age approximately 3000 years ago. The unique climate and geography of this region allowed glaciers to survive long after they began receding from other places in North America. However, due to increasing temperatures, the Mendenhall Glacier lost 656 feet on its east side in 2004 and 269 feet on its west side in 2005.


Fishing boats in Juneau, AK 58°29'47" N, 134°32'9" W
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external image JuneauMTMP.jpg

Juneau is classified as a humid continental climate. The coldest month in January, with an average temp. of 20°F and the warmest month is July, with an average temp. of 65°F. The driest month is April, with an average precipitation of 2.9", and the wettest month is October, with an average precipitation of 8.4".

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ErikaH ... my Alaska

This is a picture off what is off the side of the road in Juneau, Alaska. It is an area with a lot more moisture and that is a lot colder than Nevad, as a result
there are thick dense evergreen forests which is shown in the picture. this picture was taken at roughly 58 degrees North, 134 degrees West.
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