Depicting Lake Tahoe's vegetation of a thick pine tree forest and a big open blue sky framed by the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the beauty of the land is easily captured. A huge destination place for tourists due to its winter climate and amazing slopes for skiing as well as summertime activities such as sailing, waterskiing, parasailing and general sun tanning, the towns surrounding the lake are known for their expensive estates and luxorious dining.

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Lake Tahoe, CA
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
Latitude: 37°10’06”
Longitude: -118°34’14”

South Lake Tahoe, CA is at an elevation of about 6260 ft, and sits along the border of California and Nevada. This area is dominated with heavy winter snowfall that contributes to groundwater for the region. The resorts in this area have installed heated sidewalks that melt the snow in the winter for visitor safety.

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