Mulholland Dr. Los Angeles, CA. This photo is looking down at the Hollywood Hills. Just through the distant you can see the skyscrapers of the city. You can really get an idea of the haze of smoke which lays over the city daily. The Hollywood Hills is a well off socioeconomic area so the views are very green. Just to the left in this photo there was a construction site building a huge new house which cuts into the natural habitat.
longitude: 118° 24' W
latitude: 33° 56' N
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Climate: Mediterranean Summer-dry.
Bioregion: Mediterranean woodland Shrub and Grass Land
Cant you tell.....

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This picture show a few of plants that grow in Los Angeles like palm trees that require a lot of sunshine which Los Angeles has. this longitude and latitude is 33° 56' N 118° 24' W

here is a climograph for Los Angeles


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