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Miami is a tropical climate, specifically a tropical monsoon climate. The summers are hot and humid and the winters are mostly dry and warm. One of the various activities in Miami is golfing. The climate in Miami is perfect for golf, mostly because of the daytime onshore breezes, abundant sunshine, and comfortable temperatures most of the year.

Miami Springs Golf and Country Club‎

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The hottest months in Miami are June - September, with temperatures ranging between the high eighties and low nineties. These months are also the wettest months, averaging about 8" of rain per month.
December through February are the driest months. There is still plenty of sunshine during these months and temperatures range between the high sixties and the mid- seventies.

Latitude 25° 49' N Longitude 80° 17' W
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Miami Stuff!

This is South Beach Miami
25°46'34.92"N Lat.
80° 7'53.67"W Long.
These buildings on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami show the history of Miami architecture. There are several hotels like these from th 50's on Ocean Drive. This is a part of the Art Deco style in Miami. Because of its sunny weather many northerners retire here each year. Its biome is Tropical Savanna with no dry season. Perfect weather year round for beach goers.

This same historic hotel at night shows its connection with todays culture. All along the strip the Miami nightlife comes alive once the sun sets.

McDonald's with Spanish influenced Architecture

This is Little Havana on Calle Ocho. The McDonald's is designed with a Latin Influence.
25°45'55.81"N Lat.
80°13'7.15"W Long.
Miami is very diverse and represented by many cultures. It is considered a gateway form the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America. Any where you go you notice most locals speak Spanish and you will see influence on the architecture. Of the 2 million plus people in Dade County 62% are of Latin or Hispanic decent. Every year in March Miami Carnival on Calle Ocho.



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South beachexternal image Miami_Florida.jpg
South beach is a very popular toursit destination.
The weather in South Beach is generally sunny and warm all year round with the temperature ranging from a high 87 degrees F during the day to a low of 63 degrees F.
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