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Haleakala Biome
Latitude: 20°42′35″N Longitude: 156°15′12″W z_freeman.jpg

This is a picture of the Silversword Plant on top of the extinct volcano Haleakala on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. This picture shows the upper elevation biome of Maui. As you can see there is little more then the Silversword plant here. The other thing you will notice is the rainbow in the backround, a common occurence in Hawaii this shows the heavy amounts of precipitation this biome requires to survive in this state. The climograph is for Honolulu, which is on a different Island and at a different elevation. I imagine the climagraph for Haleakala would look drastically different. This is because at this elevation this volcano is desert like. An interesting thing to note is this species of flora has only one realative and it is found on Kilimenjaro, Tanzania all the way on the other side of the world in Africa. This plant is an interesting study for biogeographers. ~Posted by Mike F

Alpine Great Basin Biome

These two graphs show the temperature on the right and the precipitation on the left of Big Pine California, down the mountain from the White Mountains. These will give a very rough sense of what it is like on top of these mountains.

The Patriarch Grove, The White Mountains. Latitude: N 37° 31.680 Longitude: W 118° 11.880
This place houses some of the oldest trees in the world and they are able to get that old because of where they are. The Bristlecone Pine (pinus longaeva) lives in a very specific biome; the top of mountains (10,000+ feet) in the Great Basin region. This is a very desolate region that hosts a very small amout of life, with the Bristlecone being known the best. This is a biome that will disapear with global warming as the Pinon Juniper woodland moves up the mountains because of warmer climates the Bristlecone will be forced off the top. It will be just one of the many species that suffer because of global warming, and without help this entire biome of various flora and some fauna will be gone forever.

~posted by Mike F.